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Crest White Strips Lead To Gum Receding

The White Hotel - Brussels - BELGIUM

Located on one of the most prestigious avenues in Brussels between restaurants and fashionable boutiques, The white hotel Hotel is a chic design and minimalist travelers aesthetes and aficionados of contemporary art. The icing on the cake is a 4 star hotel at 3 star prices, then what more?!

The White hotel_1_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde

The white hotel is the first hotel in Brussels to promote Belgian design. This innovative concept Lise Coirier ( Pro Materia asbl ) was produced under the label " Belgian Designers Rooms . The basic idea was initiated by A2M ( Sebastian Moreno-Vacca ) , Michel Penneman & Jean Michel Andre .
Thus, customers will share the intimacy of each of the 60 designers selected through a chosen piece in production very recently. From the entrance and lobby, the Belgian design is everywhere: from " Bench" and " Finder of Xavier Lust sofas to lounge Quinze & Milan and chairs Vitra signed by the late designer Maarten Van Severen .

Why " The White Hotel ? Because " White IS hot "!
The predominant color of the hotel is the white, enhanced by the subtle touches of color in the different spaces. The white gives the whole building a warm and soothing. This choice of a color palette where white reigns supreme architectural continuity stresses that led to the overall renovation of the hotel. The goal was to construct a building to the identity characterized by strong design, different from other brands in Brussels and adaptable to changing different functions of the hotel. The facade of the building is also fondled a milky white glow from the sunset.

The White hotel_2_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde

On the ground floor, where the focus areas of the hotel, the architects have designed their work from an empty shelf and decided to install a "band program," real "thread" spanning the entire length of the building and giving the whole an original personality. This cabinet 55 meters long, is covered with wood and its successive elevations define the various areas of common areas: reception, access to lifts, bar, lounge, breakfast room, library and meeting room. In this part of the hotel, textile sails that punctuate the vast open space have two functions, that soften the space whose boundaries are still gummed by sets of colored lights from the tri-tubes installed in the ceiling (study performed by Bjorn Spapens ), and the unmasking of sound correction devices (study carried out Stéphane Ways - DB Mute ). The music was particularly thought to enhance the relaxing nature of the hotel, with the support of Cedric Honore ( Detrois its ).

The White hotel_4_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde
The White hotel_5_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde

The client discovered e after the reception, a lounge bar where a selection of vintage wines and Belgian beers are available to him, an area restaurant, Internet alcoves, a meeting room (max 18 people) and a library of works of architecture, hospitality and travel industries are presented.
Internet access is possible throughout the hotel via a connection Wifi . Customers who wish can take one of the laptops VAIO available to them. Finally, an "igloo Internet designed by Michel Penneman and directed by the Belgian designer Steven Brouns was installed near the bar for those of you who wish to browse in peace.

The White hotel_6_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde
The White hotel_8_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde

Beyond the clichés and minimalism, The white hotel enters the wave of hotels " White Hot " where white is synonymous with warmth and comfort, and where design provides the necessary added value to home and well-being of its customers.

The White hotel_10_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde
The White hotel_11_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde
The White hotel_12_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde

Parts of the expositition " Belgian Designers Rooms " are presented on the ground floor to give the customer a taste of it. The wall inventory allows visitors or customers to discover in two dimensions the entire exposure.

The concept of " Belgian Designers Rooms " was first realized by the permanent presence of works by Belgian designers in the hotel. In each chamber, is exposed for one year an original and sometimes very recent novel, designed by one of 60 talented Belgian designers who were selected by Lise Coirier . Each client The white hotel is in close contact with one of the parts of this mini temporary collection, whether an object everyday life, a piece of furniture, a mirror, a shelf or an accessory that looks like amazing ... These works provide a unique identity and personality and strong in each of the rooms.

The White hotel_13_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde
The 53 rooms that The white hotel are renovated to date. The hotel distinguishes itself by the exceptionally spacious guest rooms, with an area of between 22 and 50 square meters , very above average standards in force Brussels. One of the priorities that guided the renovation of rooms has been further improved sleep quality customers, thanks to excellent sound and installation of double glazing throughout the building.
All rooms have a bathroom or shower room individually, a king size or twin bed and a balcony. The rooms, located on the front has air conditioning. Internet access is free available in all rooms via technology Wifi .

The White hotel_14_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde
The White hotel_15_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde

From an aesthetic and decorative, the focus was on finding a sober architecture and refined interior and the choice of contemporary furniture quality furniture while avoiding the cold and impersonal that one found in hotel chains. Armchairs signed Charles & Ray Eames and the chairs designed by Maarten Van Severen are references to quality and purity of their line.

The White hotel_16_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde

Information is provided to visitors about the various works exhibited in the hotel and in particular on the one they found in their own room.
The book ", Design in Belgium after 2000" (sldd Lise Coirier , ed. Kunstboek Stichting, 2005) is available to customers all rooms and a selection of pieces chosen from those designers is on sale at the reception.

The White hotel_18_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde
The White hotel_19_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde
The White hotel_20_Les plus beaux HOTELS DESIGN du monde

All of these actions, which trying to escape the phenomenon of the decorative effect and the "total look", aims to make The white hotel a unique place in Brussels, dedicated to promoting the creativity of Belgian designers, young or already confirmed. This is by design to live in a place of passage, rest and relaxation like a hotel that you realize its value and its contribution to welfare.

by Sebastian MORENO-PWAC A2M sprl , architectural firm of Belgian Michel Penneman Detrois its , Belgian company specializing in 3D visualization.

Opening Date: November 16, 2006

212 Avenue Louise
1050 Brussels

Tel: +32 (0) 2 644 29 29

Price: from 75 euros, breakfast included, see their website.


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